Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Obama Hates Cute Kids ... and Christmas

No, not really. But that's the rap he's getting for the timing of his address to the nation Tuesday night to announce plans for a troop buildup in Afghanistan. After the jump, the case for why Obama hates cute kids ... and Christmas.

There are legitimate issues that could be debated about President Obama's war strategy, but preempting "A Charlie Brown Christmas" most assuredly isn't one of them. Yet, that's the story on Dallas Blog by Denise McNamara. (Surprised it wasn't by Tom McGregor? Me, too.)

"While most of us are relieved that our President will announce the deployment of reinforcements to help those already in Afghanistan, his timing for the announcement could not be worse. Yes, it may be minor, but choosing to preempt "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is a bad decision. Did the White House even notice? Sure, we can all buy the DVD, but some families may not be able to afford it. Perhaps the network will reschedule Charlie Brown."
Yes, let's hope the networks do just that. I just hate it when Denise McNamara's life is inconvenienced in the least little way by those bothersome wars our nation's finest young men and women are fighting overseas.

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