Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sonja and Casey's Wedding

From 2009 10 Sonja Casey Wedding

Milwaukee. Wedding. Sonja and Casey. I know what you're thinking. There have to be some oversized, foam sausage mascots involved somehow. And you're right. Sonja and Casey broke the mold for their wedding and reception at Milwaukee's Urban Ecology Center. From start to finish, from the hand-made paper invitations (I mean the paper itself!) to the hymns sung by the guests during the ceremony (or should I say hums or maybe just hmm?) to the famous Miller Park racing sausages crashing the reception, this was a wedding to remember. Thanks, Sonja and Casey, for inviting us to celebrate with you. Our best wishes to you.

For more photos of the wedding and a few sightseeing snapshots of Milwaukee, look here.

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