Saturday, October 31, 2009

Richardson Eagles Near First Playoffs Since 1992

Richardson Golden Eagle Band
From 2009 Football

For photos of all the action on the field and in the stands, including performances by the drill teams and marching bands of both Richardson and Berkner, look here.

The Richardson Eagles beat the Berkner Rams 14-11 Friday night in a defensive struggle, putting the Eagles in great position to make the playoffs for the first time since 1992. The key play of the game was a fourth quarter interception and 65-yard return for a touchdown by defensive lineman A.K. Akindumila, which gave the Eagles a 14-3 lead. Berkner responded with a late touchdown and two-point conversion to close the lead to 14-11, but their comeback fell short.

Richardson closes the regular season next weekend against Carrollton Creekview while Berkner plays W.T. White. Both games have playoff implications. Skyline and Lake Highlands have already locked up two of the four playoff spots in District 9-5A. The last two spots are still up for grabs.

  • Richardson will make the playoffs if they beat Creekview or if they lose by 8 or fewer points or if Berkner loses to W.T. White.
  • Berkner will make the playoffs if they beat W.T. White or if Berkner loses to W.T. White by 13 or fewer points while Richardson beats Creekview.
  • Creekview will make the playoffs if they beat Richardson by 9 or more points or if they beat Richardson while Berkner loses.

Now, back to the Richardson - Berkner game. The game was played under clear skies and cool temperatures, perfect weather for football. Halloween fun was in the air, as can be seen in a couple of the accompanying photos. It was senior recognition night for Berkner, raising the emotion more than just a little. Because of the halftime festivities, the Mighty Ram Band saved their competition show for after the game. A good fraction of the crowd stayed behind to watch, including the Golden Eagle band and the Berkner football team. Having the band on the field and football team in the stands watching them must have been a huge thrill for the band. They didn't disappoint, putting on their full competition show for the last time at a football game this year. The Mighty Ram Band marches in their last competition on Saturday at Duncanville High School. The Golden Eagle Band competes separately in a contest in Frisco. Saturday's weather is forecast to be excellent. Go out and catch the show.

Finally, I can't end without commenting on one aspect of the game that threatens to spoil all of good, all of the fun, all of the enjoyment of the entertainment that is Friday Night Lights. Personal fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties marred this game. Several times, one side or the other was penalized this way, or both teams had offsetting penalties. The worst case, which I didn't see, resulted in ejections of a player from each team. One case that I did see was egregious. After a touchdown, as players were jogging to the sidelines, well away from ball a Berkner player, running faster than necessary, ran full into a Richardson player, as if he was blocking him instead of just leaving the field. He was flagged for a personal foul, his coach took him aside afterward and talked to him, but he later returned to the game. I've always thought that such action should result in ejection, if not by the referee, then by the coach.

I understand football is a violent game. I understand that football is an emotional game. I understand that coaches don't necessarily want their players to suppress their anger, but rather to channel their anger in a way that's by the rules and benefits the team. I understand it, but I don't like it. I'd bench the player. And that's why I'm in the stands and not on the sidelines. But if it happens too often, I won't be in the stands anymore, either.

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