Sunday, September 17, 2006

Moving North, Moving South

We saw a lot of highway in September. It was north to Chicago to move John to Northwestern University, with side trips to Wisconsin and Indiana to visit family. On the way back to Dallas, we loaded the van with Ellen's parents' belongings, as they are moving to Richardson. One day after getting back to Dallas it was down to Houston for Families Weekend at Rice University.

Follow along as we put over 3000 miles on the car. Our tracks are captured on Google Maps. If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, use this tracklog instead.

  • Dallas to Rolla, Missouri, where we spent the night and toured the University of Missouri - Rolla, home of the Miners and Doug Beach, who picked this weekend to return home for Labor Day.
  • Rolla to Chicago to drop John off for band camp a week before school starts. We were back on the weekend with "Banana" to watch the football Wildcats lose to New Hampshire. :-(
  • Chicago to Appleton to visit Mark's mom
  • Chicago to Evansville to visit "L"'s parents
  • Evansville to Dallas, loaded down with moving boxes for "L"'s parents
  • Dallas to Houston for Families Weekend at Rice University and to watch the football Owls lose big to UT. :-(
  • Houston to Dallas, the back way to see Texas A&M University in College Station

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