Saturday, August 7, 2010

Working On Steve's Twitter


Twitter is hit or miss. Mostly miss. Many of the tweets of the people I follow are either (pick one) funny, insightful, informative, but many deservedly scroll off the bottom of my tweet roll none too soon. I'm frequently pruning my follow list in an attempt to increase the ratio of hits to misses. And I'm often on the lookout for promising new people to follow. Twitter offers friendly suggestions. One of the names that showed up on my own suggestion list was "abraxas27".

Clicking through I quickly judged abraxas27 a "miss." It looks like he set up his Twitter account in April, 2009. He went to the trouble to upload a graphic of the starship Enterprise to use as wallpaper. He posted seven tweets in two days, and then ... nothing more. Before I clicked away, something about abraxas27 caught my attention - his profile. I know I'm reading a lot between the lines here, but I couldn't help thinking, this explains a lot about the City of Richardson's website. But I'll let readers come to their own conclusions.

  • Name: Ed Snavely
  • Location: McKinney, Tx
  • Web:
  • Bio: Web Manager for the City of Richardson

  • Steve I have sent you the image. 3:49 PM Apr 23rd, 2009 via web
  • Come see my screen.....! 3:44 PM Apr 23rd, 2009 via web
  • Steve are you working? 3:44 PM Apr 23rd, 2009 via web
  • Steve, It looks like twitter has fixed the image issues they had yesterday. We can set yours up later today. 12:37 PM Apr 23rd, 2009 via web
  • Working on Steve's twitter. 2:37 PM Apr 22nd, 2009 via web
  • I am currently working on a powerpoint. 8:30 AM Apr 22nd, 2009 via web
  • Good Morning I am testing my new twitter account. 8:28 AM Apr 22nd, 2009 via web

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