Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Twitter Reviews of 2009

My Twitter takes on the books, movies, and theatre I enjoyed in 2009. The list is short because I didn't join Twitter until August.

(There. Just 131 characters. After the jump, the reviews.)

  • Avatar: Evil mining co. wants gold under peaceful Indian village. Indians are blue. Horses have wings. Cavalry flies helicopter gunships.

  • Up: a love story, an adventure story, a cartoon. Be sure to watch the DVD bonus features on the tepui research by the movie-makers.

  • Food, Inc.: documentary about US food industry - its detrimental affect on health & distortion of the free market. You may never eat again.

  • King Corn: a documentary that follows 2 Boston men who grow an acre of corn in Iowa. If we are what we eat, we are all pretty much all corn.

  • Star Trek: sillier than the TV series. Bad science. Rookies running a starship, violating Star Trek canon, fixing it all with time travel.

  • Stagecoach (1939 version): What a movie! What a year! John Wayne. John Ford. Monument Valley. Up against GWTW and Oz for Best Picture.

  • Superfreakonomics: Efforts to curb carbon emissions? Too little, too late, too optimistic. It's time for geoengineering. Cheap & effective.

  • Synecdoche, New York: director's life spins out of control, so he puts it in his play. I like quirky, but this is something else. Nutso.

  • Cormac McCarthy's "The Road": The most haunting story you'll read or see all year. "Because we're the good guys."

  • 2666: Massive novel or 5 novels in 1, full of extraneous characters, scenes, details, loosely linked by a gruesome serial murder in Mexico

  • Berkner's Little Women: a family deals with war, epidemic and sisterly rivalry. Timeless themes made fresh by an enthusiastic young cast.

  • Away We Go: A road picture about an expectant couple who fear they are f-ups, but whose travels show everyone else is. Quirky. Reaffirming.

  • Clownbeth by Cliff McClelland and Richardson HS. A painless exposure to Shakespeare. Gives new meaning to the word tragicomedy. Great fun.

  • Revolutionary Road: a melodrama set in 1950s about a deteriorating marriage. The anti-Ozzie&Harriet. Whiny like "thirtysomething" but darker

  • Grand Opening of AT&T Performing Arts Center. Winspear. Wyly. Sun. Street life. In Dallas. I know, improbable, but true.

  • Gran Torino: A by-the-numbers melodrama straight out of Walt Kowalski's 1950s, only with Hmong. Oh, and "L" and I saw the car at WB Studios.

  • Richardson's RCT production of "Little Shop of Horrors": Singing, dancing, laughs and wise-cracking plant. Thumbs-up. "Don't Feed The Plant"

  • A thriller, a road movie, a love story. The dark side of Illegal immigration and a testament to the human spirit. See "Sin Nombre"

  • Want to know what it's like to be an immigrant trying to live a dream that only 1 in a 100, 1 in a million succeed at? See "Sugar"

  • Want to see what life in China was like over the last half century through the eyes of a Chinese filmmaker? Rent "To Live" by Zhang Yimou

  • Richardson HS production of "Buried" written and directed by Cliff McClelland: Powerful play about Alzheimer's, powerfully acted. Thumbs up

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