Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Game Night for Gifted Children

Gifted? That's everyone in Richardson, right?

"Richardson Gifted", a parent support group for those raising gifted children, has announced "Game Night", Friday, December 11, 2009, 7-9pm, at the RISD Professional Development Center, 701 W. Belt Line Road, Richardson. It sounds like positive, constructive fun, families and friends playing good, old-fashioned board games, perhaps Scrabble, Boggle, Go, Connect 4 and other classic mind-exercising games. Check it out, even if your child's teachers or playmates' parents don't necessarily agree with the "gifted" description. There's just one little thing...

There was just one detail in the announcement that hits the wrong note. It's the kind of small mistake that children are challenged to find in the puzzle pictures in Highlights magazine for children. You remember, the bird flying upside down or the car with one square wheel. It's the kind of small mistake, the slip-up, that the killer leaves in a crime scene that Detective Columbo would notice and lead him to the suspect. In our case, it's the notice in the fine print at the bottom: "Preschoolers can watch a movie while older siblings play games." Parents pacifying preschoolers with television? Really? With " Baby Einstein" videos, maybe? Something's not quite right with this scene. It just doesn't sound like an event planned by parents of gifted children. But check it out anyway. Just be sure to bring a game for the pre-schoolers, too.

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