Monday, October 19, 2009

Politics of Complaint: Does 2+2+1=5?

Does 2+2+1=5? Does that math violate the city charter of Richardson? If you think so, you might be a redneck. At least according to Nathan Morgan. Or something like that. Go figure.

Morgan, who takes advantage of the public comment period at Richardson City Council meetings so often that the casual observer might think he's the eighth member of the city council, used his five minutes of public input at this week's council work session to complain that the duration of the city manager's contract with the city exceeds the maximum specified by the city charter. The challenge hinges on whether renewal provisions, or options for additional periods, violate the city charter. A complaint that's technical, petty, and, frankly, boring. It's not even funny, even by the low standards of Jeff Foxworthy comedy routines. It definitely isn't one of the best examples of citizen politics of complaint. But it's the best that this week's citizen input to the city council worksession has to offer. If lack of serious problems is a good thing, this week's citizen complaint indicates Richardson city government is in good shape.

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